Back in 2006, I went on a mission to accumulate ties. The project I had in mind was to stitch them together, side by side, and make a dress out of them. I worked at a thrift store, so I got a discount on the grab bags of ties we put out when they failed to sell individually. However, despite obtaining more than enough to make the dress, I just never got around to making it, and have been hauling around a ton of them for the past 8 years.

When I saw the “Make a Rug” assignment (from theartassignment), I knew I had to do it. Textiles are my babies, and my love for knitting has resulted in needing physical therapy at one point (tension matters, folks!). Initially, I thought about using up some yarn to make my rug. This assignment came out right as I was moving, and when I unearthed my box of ties, I knew what I had to do.

First, I arranged them in a color gradient, then stitched the ends together (skinny end to skinny end). The resulting ball of ties was massive and heavy. I had to start over a few times—the thick-and-thin parts made it very challenging at the beginning. Once I got going, this thing was done in no time. It ended up being smaller than I anticipated, but now I have a very thick, comfy, 99% silk rag rug to sit on in my new living room.

My favorite thing about this project is the modularity. When I move to a bigger space, all I have to do to make a larger rug is buy more ties and add onto the end.